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World Environment Day June 5th

World Environment Day Bike Ride and Walk Join millions worldwide on June 5 for World Environment Day, which is focused on Land Restoration, Desertification, and Drought Resilience. Your actions can help protect our planet. The team at CEPA Foundation is honoring this year’s theme by going on a bike ride or […]

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CEPA Foundation President Harald Leibrecht Director, Uli Leibrecht

President and Director traveling in USA

The President of CEPA Foundation, Harald Leibrecht, and the Director, Uli Leibrecht, will be visiting many of our affiliate partner institutions this Fall during their trip to the USA and Canada. Harald will also make many presentations to students and faculty at different universities on the topic: “Germany and the […]

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Wise Leadership Conference – Dr. Prasad Kaipa

December 8, 2015 Inspirational Words of Wisdom for Leaders On November 24th, over 100 guests participated in the conference “From smart to wise- Acting and leading with wisdom” with Dr. Prasad Kaipa. An impressive crowd was attracted to the castle that night. There were executive directors and leaders from different […]

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Guest Speaker at US Colleges this Fall

The President of the CEPA Foundation, Harald Leibrecht, is invited to speak on “Europe’s Immigration Dilemmas” and other current topics concerning transatlantic trends and issues at several universities and colleges during his trip to the United States later this month. He will present to and meet with students, faculty, and […]

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