Professional Supporters

For all students, regardless of their field of study, it is necessary to acquire intercultural competencies and communication skills to be prepared for their future role in an interconnected world.

The experience of living and learning abroad provides students with the opportunity to develop cross-cultural competency and international expertise. Study abroad programs create life-altering moments that can have significant impact on a student’s future career and personal development.

Individual professionals, national and multinational corporations, non-governmental organizations and governmental bodies have recognized the importance of education abroad and support the mission of CEPA Foundation in many ways. Many institutions open their doors and get involved so that students can gain first-hand experiences relevant to their studies. They offer in-house tours, guest lectures, meetings and discussions with experts, hands-on workshops and/or internships. Many also support students financially through grants that allow students to study abroad and gain access to international education, who otherwise would not be able to do so.

CEPA Foundation is grateful for its present professional supporters and welcomes new supporters who are ready to facilitate these unique experiences for the next generation.

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