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G.I.V.E. Institute

The Global Institute for core Values and Education (G.I.V.E.) is housed at the Château de Pourtalès in Strasbourg, France.

The Château de Pourtalès has been for centuries a place where the decision-takers of Europe in the 19th and 20th century came together to brainstorm, develop new ideas and create new models for a united Europe without borders and frontiers. It is therefore the ideal location for the G.I.V.E., an Institute that has been launched by the CEPA Foundation

  • to encourage global leadership skills and professional & personal development,
  • to foster cross-cultural understanding and competencies and
  • to facilitate intercultural dialog among Americans and Europeans through our transatlantic networks.

The G.I.V.E. invites professional leaders, intellectuals and students to exchange knowledge and ideas on current intercultural and leadership issues.

The Institute is mainly focusing on the following to target groups:

Professional Development in Businesses and Organizations:

  • Seminars for the management of intercultural teams
  • Seminars on cross-cultural communication and understanding
  • Seminars in the field of personal development
  • Seminars in the field of responsible leadership and business ethics
  • Special workshops or approaches e.g. in the field of Yoga and leadership to allow a “different” approach and point of view.

International Students and University Partnerships:

  • Global Summer Institute for Students : 4 weeks in July/August - Encourage exchanges and collaboration between German/French and US based universities
  • Symposia with students, academics and professionals in the field of Intercultural Relations, Cross-Border Relations, Empathy/Social Responsibility, Human Rights etc.
  • Workshops, seminars, round table discussions and publications
  • Special “Annual Awards” for specific topics in Intercultural Relations ?
  • Annual Forum on Intercultural Relations for academics and the corporate world to discuss new research on current relevant topics with specialists in the field.
  • Create and develop a network between academics, corporate partners, organisations and NGO’s in the field of Intercultural Relations
  • Offer something like an “Intercultural Competency or Global Leadership Certificate Program”
  • Mentoring programs between students and professionals

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