Virtual Experiences

Infuse your curriculum with global learning

Collaborate with us to adapt your digital learning environment into a platform for international exchange and
become a partner in bridging cross-cultural and transatlantic relationships.

With virtual experiences, you will bring the transformational experience of study abroad to students
who may otherwise not have the opportunity to partake in international exchange.

Portfolio of Virtual Experiences

Embedded International Experiences

Integrate virtual international education into existing on-campus or virtual courses to give students an international perspective.

Cross-curricular Events

Internationalize your institution through cross- curricular events such as intercultural virtual symposia or international expert presentations offered to students, faculty, and staff at your institution.

Hybrid Programs

Complement faculty-led programs with virtual predeparture and re-entry/reflection sessions.

Global Virtual Internships

Virtual team project-based internship program focusing on the UN Sustainable Development Goals offered in cooperation with our global partners from Asia, Africa and South America (Global Learning Collective).


Virtual learning experiences are highly adaptable and can be customized to meet your academic objectives.

Harness the Power of International Exchange

As courses go digital, study abroad does too! Integrate international learning into your course curriculum. Whether your class is in-person or online, we will help develop a dynamic educational environment that satisfies the learning outcomes and cultural exchange students would receive in-country.



  • Maintain the opportunity to build international connections during the pandemic
  • Experiences online can be arranged across Europe within one program and are no longer limited by geography and travel

Interactive learning without borders

  • Live sessions and presentations
  • Student-to-student exchange activities and experiences

Flexible scheduling for the students and faculty

  • Activities can be arranged according to home school and course timeline

Affordability and convenience

  • Cost effective alternative option for the current global pandemic situation

Career Building

  • Develop new partnerships with NGO’s, European institutions and companies
  • Networking

Intercultural understanding and curiosity:

  • Even an online experience can help spark an interest in students who have never thought about studying abroad to actually physically study abroad in the future

Cultural Ambassadors

This experience could be delivered in multiple formats, including: 

  • Day in the life of a local
  • Virtual city backdoor tour (hidden places, favorite spots etc.) 
  • Explanatory videos about the culture’s most important cultural gems (food, music, sports, languages, social interaction)
  • Candid opportunities for peer-to-peer interaction

Sample Timeline (semester program with an embedded faculty-led experience)

Scalable and experiences can be adapted to fit a semester or summer course. 

Month 1


  • First interactions with on-site coordinator and with international clients involved in program.
  • Most interactions in this month may be one-sided as an introduction for the students to the material. Q&A is still encouraged, but students will take a greater lead in month 2.

Month 2

Round Table/Interactive Month

  • Students will have the opportunity to take the lead in interactions with clients and speakers. This month focuses on exchange and builds off the background information and knowledge gained in month 1.

Month 3

Professional Development/ Project Management

  • Students will work with the selected client on a project or will develop a case study based on the clients they have met with during their course

Month 4

Course Conclusions/Wrap-Up


Our Mission: 

Provide meaningful intercultural and international exchanges and interactive opportunities for faculty and students in a virtual learning environment. 

CEPA is your trusted partner in Europe with the networks and know-how to design and facilitate online experiences and activities which align with faculty and student course outcomes. 

  • Pre-departure and orientation modules – Virtual communication techniques 
  • Live Presentations and Activities 
  • Q & A sessions 
  • Active participation in class virtual trips and meetings 
  • Mentored group student projects 
  • Self-paced individual projects 
  • Reflection and Assessment 
  • Career related objectives 

Hear what people are saying about CEPA Virtual Experiences


HR Practices in China, January 2021

“I thought the session went well, and was extremely interesting and informative. The students and I chatted briefly afterward and they were positive about the experience and enthusiastic for what is to come next. I think this is an excellent model.

This was not just an opportunity for technology to mitigate the unfortunate necessities of the pandemic, but to foster a new way of learning. The magnitude of a live interaction with a guest 7,300 miles away was not lost on me.

I’m already looking forward to our next session!”

Dr. Thomas A. Zeni

Teaching Associate Professor, West Virginia University


Student Goals 

Through a combination of virtual interactive learning, project-based simulations, discussions, and reflections, students will: 

Student Learning Outcomes 

  • Develop international relationships with resume-building opportunities/opportunity for professional development 
  • Case competition or international client project/research: Implement the theoretical knowledge gained from lectures when working on reallife business cases in different cultural settings 
  • Student to student interactions (Erasmus + virtual exchange) -> enhanced teamwork 
  • Cultural coordinator / Cultural Ambassador  
  • Soft skills development and enhancement (intercultural awareness, online communication, communication with non-native English speakers etc.) 
  • increased digital competence? –> gain experience in using digital platforms in a business environment 

Faculty leader(s) – Advantages and Benefits

  • Faculty can retain the course quality and their unique course elements 
  • The course can be enhanced and strengthened through virtual international experiences 
  • CEPA assists the faculty to provide interactive intercultural additions to the course 
  • Added practical value, illustrate the theory 

Program Fee

  • Experiences are customized to align with your course goals.
  • The program fee will vary and be based on the quantity, duration, and complexity of the experience(s)

Next steps...

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