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Virtual Experiences

Integrate international learning into your course

Collaborate with us to adapt your digital learning environment into a platform for international exchange and become a partner in bridging cross-cultural and transatlantic relationships. Whether your class is in-person or online, we will help develop a dynamic educational environment that gives the course an international perspective.

With virtual experiences, you will bring the transformational experience of study abroad to students who may otherwise not have the opportunity to partake in international exchange.

Portfolio of Virtual Experiences

Embedded International Experiences

Integrate virtual international education into existing on-campus or virtual courses to give students an international perspective.

Cross-curricular Events

Internationalize your institution through cross- curricular events such as intercultural virtual symposia or international expert presentations offered to students, faculty, and staff at your institution.

Hybrid Programs

Complement faculty-led programs with virtual predeparture and re-entry/reflection sessions.

Global Virtual Internships

Virtual team project-based internship program focusing on the UN Sustainable Development Goals offered in cooperation with our global partners from Asia, Africa and South America (Global Learning Collective).


Virtual learning experiences are highly adaptable and can be customized to meet your academic objectives.


✓ Support Student Access | Expose a wider variety of students to intercultural learning experiences with a model that is inherently more affordable, sustainable, and low risk.

✓ Flexibility and Adaptability | Variety of flexible options for content delivery. Modules can focus on a specific theme and geographic location or examine topics from a cross-cultural perspective.

✓ Leverage Networks Across the Globe | Enrich experiences using connections from a variety of global networks allowing all participants to connect upon our common humanity and shared interests in building bridges of understanding.

✓ Intercultural and Professional Skill Building |International learning promotes development of professional and intercultural skills as students navigate cultural norms, time zones, and virtual systems.


Denise Wintrich, Director of Virtual Experiences

“We've quickly seen the advantage of designing international sessions for an online format to enrich the internalization of any course or institution. Virtual experiences will quickly become an essential part of education abroad in the 21st century”.

Uli Leibrecht, Executive Director

“Never before was it so easy to get high-caliber speakers from all over the world together at one place.”

Content Format and Structure

Explore CEPA's virtual learning platform

Synchronous content, e.g.:

  • Live exchange sessions with European experts
  • Presentations / lectures / virtual visits by European institutions or companies
  • Workshops
  • Symposia / panel discussions
  • Guided tours
  • Meetings with Cultural Ambassadors

→ arranged via Zoom

Asynchronous content, e.g.:

  • Recorded interviews / presentations / lectures with European experts
  • Recorded guided tours
  • Cultural insight videos

→ shared with you either on CEPA’s virtual learning platform or through a link to the video in the agenda

Sample Modules

European Identity and Cross-Border Cooperation

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Intercultural Leadership

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Sneak Peaks...


Gain expert insight from decision-maker at a 5-star luxury hotel about variations in their business values and practices.


Explore and learn more about the Council of Europe

A Day in the Life:

Behind-the-scenes look at life in Germany


Learn from an expert about how processes are organized and managed at an international biotech company.

Jean-Philippe Kern, General Manager at Sofitel Strasbourg Grand Île, France

The 5-star luxury hotel Sofitel Strasbourg is located right in the heart of Strasbourg Grande Île, which has been a UNESCO world heritage site since 1988. It is also the first hotel that was opened as part of the Sofitel chain, owned by the AccorHotels group, in 1964. Mr. Kern has been working in the hotel industry for over 20 years and took over his current position in 2013.

Director of Communications, Alun Drake, explores the origins and work of the Council of Europe, how the organization differs from the European Union, and the key competencies and policy goals.

Heidelberg native, Julie Kiepe, walks you through a typical day in her life. Explore culture, food, family, and traditions in the quaint town of Heidelberg, Germany.

Dr. Ute Dechert, Vice President, Human Resources and Processes at BRAIN Biotech AG, Germany 

With their innovative bio-based products and solutions, BRAINBiotech AG is a pioneer of industrial biotechnology and supportsthe development of business and the economy towards a greaterlevel of bioeconomic activity. Dr. Dechert has been with BRAIN since 1996 and, in addition, is a member of several networks and committees, such as the Female Managers’ Network within the Association of German Biotechnology Companies (VBU).



Meet CEPA Ambassadors

Our mission is to provide meaningful intercultural and international exchanges and interactive opportunities for faculty and students in a virtual learning environment. 

CEPA is your trusted partner in Europe with the networks and know-how to design and facilitate online experiences and activities which align with faculty and student course outcomes. 



Students from Marymount University

What aspects of the virtual experience did you like the most?

“The breakout groups that let us do activities on the module we are doing,
it is probably the activity that I enjoyed the most and made me feel like
I am understanding how to approach to different issues in culture now.”

“Interacting with students from another country, learning about different cultures,
listening to speakers that I wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to listen to.”

May 2021

Students from Marymount University

“It was an asset! Even when global classrooms resumes, other classes should consider this format.”

“I really liked how excited everyone involved was and their excitement rubbed off during the class discussions!”

“The best thing about it in my opinion was the Germany experience.
I felt like the teacher in that one taught me alot about Germany and the culture there.”

May 2021

Megan McFarlane, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Communication, Faculty Advisor for Lambda Pi Eta Honor Society, Affiliate Faculty Gender & Society Minor, Marymount University

This five-module virtual study abroad experience with CEPA exceeded my expectations. It was well-organized and provided high-quality videos for the students to watch before meetings and engaging conversations with experts during our meetings, adding incredible value to my intercultural communication course. CEPA brought in experts who exposed the students to diverse ways of thinking about and engaging with various intercultural communication situations. Due to the pandemic, we are unable to physically travel abroad and students are primarily sitting in front of their computers most days for their classes, instead of meeting in person. Many students are becoming fatigued with the virtual classroom environment, which makes the success of these virtual modules even more impressive. This experience was so successful and beneficial that I hope it can be an option for students even when regular international travel resumes, as it offers intercultural experiences for students who may not be able to travel.

May 2021

Jim Galvin

Director, Program Development, UC San Diego

“Thank you so much for the invitation to attend the virtual symposium on the role of China for US and EU relations. It was a superb discussion and I think everyone came away with a much greater understanding of the nuances and intricacies of international relations. The symposium will promote greater international understanding and cooperation. Please thank the panelists for an excellent and informative discussion. Amid all the challenge of the world faces, I come away from this conversation with a great deal of hope and optimism that the west can cooperate to defend the rules-based order and find constructive ways to engage with Russia and China in the future.

April 2021

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Production of Modules

We will prepare your international modules and send you an agenda as well as log-in credentials for the learning platform at least 1 week prior to the date of your first virtual module.


After the Virtual Experience

Your feedback and ideas are very important to us. We look forward to hearing from you and your students about your virtual experience with us.