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Service Learning Programs

Faculty-led programs for university-level student groups

Partner with CEPA Foundation to create a service learning volunteer and/or awareness program. We will match projects in the community to meet the needs of your students and faculty leaders or together, we can create new initiatives that suit the objectives the community and your students' learning journeys.  

The volunteer and awareness projects focus on children and families, school and education improvement, and/or health and medical needs. Healthcare, dental and nursing, education, optometry, agriculture, and water engineering majors are naturally a great fit for the current needs of the local community, but students from any academic field can greatly benefit from a service learning experience.

A wide range of cultural activities and excursions to famous sights of Guatemala can be incorportated into any program. 

For all service-learning programs in Guatemala, CEPA Foundation is working in close cooperation with the local non-profit organization Fundación Corazones Libres (FUNCOLI) (Free Hearts Foundation). Their founder has been actively advocating for the Mayan community for over 20 years.

CEPA Foundation is highly committed to supporting FUNCOLI’s initiatives in Guatemala and gives back a portion of the revenue generated from each service-learning program to the communities in Vuelta Grande.

Contact us to let us know about your ideas and how we can work together.

info (at) cepa-foundation.org

In March 2024, students from Columbus State University visited the project. The group consisted of nine students and two teachers. During the volunteer week, they taught English to the children in the mornings and in the afternoons they built the 12 stoves which were donated.

All the volunteers from both universities were very happy and everything was a success.

In February 2024,students from Humber College visited the project. The three volunteers trained the teachers of the Public School and FUNCOLI´s  teachers. The volunteers were very impressed with their work. They admired their talent, dedication and discipline with the children.

Video testimonials from West Virginia University students taking part in their service learning study abroad program in Guatemala from June 3 - 11, 2023.

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