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CEPA Foundation gives back: helping families and children in Guatemala

Situated in the heart of Sacatepéquez County, the Mayan village "Vuelta Grande" is located only a few miles from Antigua. The indigenous population of "Vuelta Grande" is extremely impoverished, and the average standard of life falls far short of that in more developed areas. Through our volunteers, we hope to increase the basic standard of living for this community of 300 large families.

In "Vuelta Grande", over 70% of children suffer from malnutrition, and every third child will remain illiterate throughout his or her life. By the age of ten, it is often necessary for children to contribute to the needs of the family, which results in a chronic lack of education. The combination of these unfortunate factors results not only in lifelong negative health implications but also further limits the opportunities of the younger generation.

It is our goal to help the families, the children, and this community to attain a self-sustaining future through education. Through both early-childhood education as well as continuing education for adults, we hope to foster a culture of learning. To this end, CEPA Foundation is working in cooperation with the local non-profit foundation "Corazones Libres (Free Hearts Foundation)", the founder of which has been active in advocating for the Mayan community for over 20 years.


smoke reduced stoves for families in Vuelta Grande

We are happy to report that on July 28, 2018, the eco-friendly stoves that Humber donated were delivered to members of the community

With a total donation amount of 10,000 CAD, Humber College and the Rotary Chapter in Etobicoke supported the purchasing of 50 smoke reduced stoves for the families in Vuelta Grande.

The stoves come with a chimney that extracts the smoke from the cooking area and reduces the inhalation of smoke by the family members. Additionally, the stoves consume 60-70% less combustible material, thus greatly reducing the amount of firewood that is gathered.

100% of the donations we receive are guaranteed to go directly to the children and families of Vuelta Grande. Donations are tax-deductible for US citizens.

Current Progress:

  • Improve the access to safe water through construction and installation of water filters (immediately and more sustainable filters) as well as access to more efficient stoves for every family
  • Continue to offer the clinic supervised by a local board-certified physician once to twice per week, and also being able to ensure a supply of required/necessary medication
  • Sponsor children to continue their education (after the 6th class) at the school in Antigua and making continuing education a possibility
  • With the children continuing to go to school, they will regularly receive meals from the school
  • Through the opportunities that the children of the village will come to have they can recognize the value of continuing their education and helping their community
  • Improve the overall hygienic situation and providing them with waterless toilets for the village to use
  • Provide workshops led by nutritional experts to promote healthy living
  • Offer continuing education seminars for women
Offer medical supplies30%
Complete Community Center 98%
Build water wells13%
Provide smoke reducing stoves 75%
Guatemala Update Fall 2016

Update October 2016:
Power Point Presentation

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