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Intercultural Leadership

This course offers students an exchange-based virtual learning experience with a variety of synchronous and asynchronous activities, including interactions with students, organizations and successful leaders. Students will learn about key concepts and theories surrounding intercultural communication and leadership practices from a cross-regional perspective and a special focus will be held on Germany and France as two of major players within the EU. In today's interdependent world, students of all majors will need the intercultural communication knowledge, skills and sensitivities to be able to succeed as citizens and future 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand varying leadership and communications trends within cultural contexts of European countries.
  2. Learn about the history, challenges and responsibilities of the EU institutions. Develop and strengthen professional skills of teamwork and cross-cultural project collaboration.
  3. Demonstrate intercultural communication skills during international peer collaborations.
  4. Compare and contrast culture-specific leadership and communication styles in specific regions with those in your home country.
  5. Critically reflect on individual learning and growth

Sample Modules:

  • Asynchronous cultural introduction to Germany and France: “A day in the life of a German and a French“, followed by an interactive workshop on “Understanding Culture”
  • Recorded presentations and interviews of the EU Institutions explaining their responsibilities
  • Guest Lecture on “Cross Border Collaboration” conducted by the Euro Institute
  • Presentation on “Economic Collaboration between Germany and France” by the Euro District
  • Workshop on the “No Hate Speech Movement” to learn about Peace Building and Conflict Resolution in the EU held by a representative of the European Youth Centre at the Council of Europe.
  • Guest Lecture on “Sustainable or Servant Leadership”
  • Virtual company visit to learn about “Doing Business in Europe”
  • Asynchronous statements of interviews with successful leaders and Q & A with one of those leaders
  • Live session on “Migration & Integration in the EU – Impacts on Intercultural Understanding and Economic Impacts”
  • Live session to discuss the healthcare and crisis response in Europe with a focus on the current COVID-19 pandemic
  • Simulation Game to exchange with European students
  • Virtual Cross Cultural Leadership Workshop with European students