More and more foreign students studying abroad in Germany

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study abroad in GermanyMore foreign students are currently studying in Germany than ever before. In the course of a year alone, 20,000 more students are coming to attend German universities from around the world. In the past decade more than 50,000 more foreign students are attending German schools. Current estimates for the number of foreign students in Germany reaches over 300,000 individuals. (Source: study from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the Education Ministry)

Germany is attractive to international students for a variety of reasons. Advanced engineering programs, quality master’s degrees, and unique research institutions are among the main benefits for foreign students, but the cost for these experiences is also significantly less intimidating than many North American universities. However, the inviting policies of German education do not end there. In Berlin, foreign students are given €50 upon registering for housing in the city to encourage the importation of the financial and intellectual resources these students to bring. There is good reason as well. Half of all foreign students that study in Germany choose to remain, because of the benefits and atmosphere of the central European country.

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