Studying abroad trains your brain

study abroad in EuropeStudy abroad once again proves itself to be one of the most important opportunities for students to explore before pursuing their career. According to Annie Murphy Paul at Time Magazine, study abroad has a significant effect on creative thinking, problem solving, and adaptive reasoning. Citing studies from INSEAD and Singapore Management University, those who have gained insights into other cultures and perspectives are better at adapting to new situations. Study abroad is a great opportunity for people to subject themselves to multiculturalism and train their brains to become more flexible in preparing for the future.

Such studies and insights are a welcome reminder of the work CEPA Foundation supports regularly. By fostering study abroad opportunities for students, it not only allows them the entirely unique experience to learn about another culture, but it also affords them a new perspective. This perspective not only allows them to view their world and global relationships differently, but this research suggests that such international experiences also improve the problem-solving abilities that students will inevitably need in their future careers.

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