Sabrina McIntosh, The College of New Jersey

Sabrina McIntosh

ESC Heidelberg Ambassador

What was the most challenging part of living in Germany, and what did you do to overcome that challenge? The most challenging part of living Germany I would have to say in the language barrier and the transportation. That challenge was easy to overcome from learning key German words and just paying attention to the details around me. Many people spoke English so it made it easier to communicate if I ever got lost or needed assistance with something. There are signs everywhere to assist you and google maps will become your best friend. Don’t worry about having trouble getting around, the staff is great and will help you if need be. What is the most interesting thing about German culture that you learned in one of your classes? The class I learned and observed the most about German culture was my marketing class. We learned about the different social norms, ques, and way of life in comparison to the American culture. The most interesting thing I learned was in my Sales class at SRH campus. I learned how to market to German customers as well as take those skills and use them in the real world. One thing I found that was really interesting is that Germans look for more information based advertisements as opposed to flashy and benefit based advertisements like in the U.S. They are much more interested in the science of a product rather then why they need that product. Name one thing that you wish you had known before you came abroad? Everything. Just kidding. I wish was more financially prepared. Students should really break down how much they think they might spend on food, clothing, and trips. It will help in the long run. My advice for people wishing to study abroad would be to bring more money than you think you will need, because random opportunities might appear that you might want to take part in. So just be over prepared as much as possible as opposed to being under prepared. Other things to be prepared for: Make sure your classes can all transfer over Brush up on your cooking skills Do not over pack Keep in contact with friend from back home Travel as much as possible Stay positive