Lucia Villareal, Tec de Monterrey

ESC Heidelberg Ambassador

Studying abroad at the European Study Center in Heidelberg was one of the best decisions I have made, and I feel very lucky that I had this opportunity. I studied one semester and then worked as an intern the next semester. I took classes at the European Study Center as well at the SRH University. The courses were interesting and the instructors had a lot of expertise. For the internship the ESC staff first advised me to set goals of where I wanted to intern and select companies I was interested in.
I highly recommend The ESC to anyone that wants to have an enriching experience abroad. I was supported and guided by the ESC staff; they have been the greatest and always make sure you are doing well. I learned a lot about myself, being abroad and what I am capable of doing. There is no better combination of a city as great as Heidelberg and the ESC – I can say now I have lost my heart in Heidelberg at the ESC.

"The staff provided training for the interviews and in the end hard work paid off – I got a great internship in project management, which fits in perfectly with my Engineering Innovation and Development major. It feels amazing to accomplish your goal!"