Shilan Shah, The College of New Jersey

ESC Heidelberg Ambassador

Studying abroad in Heidelberg has easily been the best decision of my life so far, both personally and academically. From making unforgettable friendships with those in the European Study Center, to exploring the different realms of Europe, I have learned and grown so much as a person. Studying abroad made me appreciate other cultures and encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone. Before being here, I would never take that spontaneous weekend trip to a random city in Europe (which is really easy with Heidelberg’s prime location in Europe!). I would never try that funny looking food on the menu of some hidden away cafe. Being here has opened my mind and really impacted me in a beneficial way.

Heidelberg quickly became a place I would call “home” for the four months I was here. The charming architecture, scenic land scape, and ever-present history looming around the street corner can infatuate anyone with this city. I learned so much by taking courses here, but even more when I traveled around Germany with the ESC. Living here gave me the perfect blend of safety, academic focus, and cultural immersion I could not find anywhere else.

"If you are a business major, or any major, who has the opportunity to study abroad here, I highly recommend coming. You will see yourself transform into a more open-minded, cultural, and independent person in a span of four months through every day-to-day interaction. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to study in Heidelberg, and plan to come back one day."