Nice, France – UPDATE

We are shocked and saddened to learn about the tragic events in Nice. We have located all of the students currently on the ESC Summer II program in Heidelberg and all are accounted for and safe.

We are staying in close touch with all of our students and remind them to keep their cell phones turned on at all times and to stay in regular contact with our on-site staff.

As standard procedure students on all ESC programs are informed of health and safety procedures including how to contact ESC staff as well as first responders in the event of an emergency. Further, the ESC asks that students provide ESC staff with an emergency contact person, to keep our on‐site staff informed of their independent off campus travel plans and contact details, to keep their cell phones turned on and with them at all times, and to carry their passport with them all the time and leave copies with family and staff.

The European Study Center is located in a residential neighborhood outside the city center of Heidelberg. The ESC staff has offices on campus and is present every day, and some of our student coordinators and staff live at the ESC along with the students and are available to take care of daily needs and provide assistance to students when needed. Should you have any concerns or additional safety measures you would like to suggest, please let us know.

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