Jean Monnet Center of Excellence

A Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence at Sciences Po Strasbourg

On the 29th October 2018, the Franco-German cross-border Jean Monnet Centre was launched. The ceremony took place on Monday, November 5, 2018 at the Strasbourg City Hall.

In the presence of Roland Ries, mayor of the City of Strasbourg, Robert Herrmann, president of the Eurometropolis, Benoit Tock, Vice-president of training at the University of Strasbourg and Sylvain Schirmann, coordinator of the Centre of excellence and former director of Sciences Po Strasbourg. The German partners of the project as well as academics and students were also present.

It is discussed in the DNA of November 06, 2018. And in the AEF dispatch of November 07, 2018.
The Jean Monnet label awarded by the European Commission to the University of Strasbourg for the Jean Monnet Centre of Sciences Po Strasbourg.

This cross-border, Franco-German Centre of excellence, carried by Sylvain Schirmann, professor of History of international relations, specialising in European affairs, will be attached to Sciences Po Strasbourg (University of Strasbourg).
For the first time, the University of Strasbourg has obtained a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence.
A prestigious label for European issues-a unique centre of its kind.
-The first Franco-German Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence, composed of French and German academics;
-Anchored in a cross-border territory and committed to the construction of the European campus. It will allow the creation of a Eucor trinational Bachelor, a awarding system of continuing education on European issues and a digital platform for courses on Europe;

A structure that federates the high-level expertise of researchers from different disciplines (sociologists, jurists, scientists, historians). Six basic research seminars are also planned around the question of frontiers and their hypothetical return to Europe;
-Open to civil society and a vehicle for debate on Europe. A geopolitical festival on Europe and a programme of documentaries on Europe are thus planned in order to develop a general public debate on issues related to European construction and the border.

Created in 1989, the Jean Monnet programme is dedicated to teaching, research and reflection in the field of studies on the European Union worldwide. Since 2014, it has been integrated into the Erasmus + programme.
The purpose of the Jean Monnet activities is to promote excellence in education and research in the field of European studies at the global level.

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