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“Castle Talks” Symposium

As part of the Jean Monnet Project which are funded by the European Union, the “Castle Talks” symposium focuses each Spring and Fall semester on different topics.

Fall 2016 Topic: Conflict and Cooperation at EU Borders: Open or Closed Borders

Are border regions helpless facing the immigration crisis?

November 7-8, 2016 at the Château de Pourtalès in Strasbourg, France

Sponsored by: University of Strasbourg
Hosted by: CEPA Foundation and Château de Pourtalès

Participants: Students from the European Study Centers in Heidelberg and Strasbourg will actively participate in the symposium along with 40 international students from the University of Stasbourg’s Certificate of European Studies.

Presenter Agenda

Political Sciences
Emmanuel BRUNET-JAILLY, University of Victoria
Roland SCHERER, University of St. Gallen
Hynek BÖHM, University of Liberec
William LASSER, Clemson University, USA

Birte NIENABER, University of Luxembourg
Bernard REITEl, Université d’Artois

Philippe HAMMAN, Université de Strasbourg
Cédric DUCHENE-LACROIX, Universitaté Basel
Ramona VELEA, ISIG, Gorizia

Birte WASSENBERG, Université de Strasbourg
Martine CAMIADE, Université de Perpignan
Frédérique BERROD, Université de Strasbourg
Antoine ULLESTAD, Université de Strasbourg
Marcin KRZYMUSKI, Europauniversität Viadrina, Frankfurt/Oder
Cultural Sciences
Christian WILLE, Universität Luxembourg
Jordi CICRES, University of Girona
Administrative Sciences/Public Management
Solange HERNANDEZ, Université Aix-en-Provence
Joachim BECK, University of Applied Sciences Kehl
Business and Economic Sciences
Hansjörg DREWELLO, University of Applied Sciences Kehl
Karen BECKER, The College of New Jersey, USA

The Jean Monnet Programme, also known as the Jean Monnet Project, is a European Union initiative to encourage teaching, research and reflection in the field of European integration studies in higher education institutions. It is named for Jean Monnet (1888–1979), regarded by many as a chief architect of European Unity. (source: Wikipedia)


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