CEPA decides to find out about the environmental impact generated by the company's operational activities and becomes eager to implement its carbon footprint management strategy to gradually offset its emissions.



CEPA decides to reduce emissions produced through their operations and incorporates climate action into their strategy involving staff, as part of the solution.​



First meeting between the CEPA and Saimiri Foundation (Costa Rica) Directors in Strasbourg​, France.

CEPA decides to reduce emissions in their office operations and to incorporate climate action into their strategy involving staff, as part of the solution.​

2019 August - CEPA Directors meet Costa Rica Saimiri Foundation Director in Strasbourg​

2019 September - To better understand its climate impact and develop cost-effective mitigation strategies, CEPA commissioned a study of its carbon footprint by Green Initiative. A UN Climate Neutral Program recognized consulting firm that provides advisory, training and certifications services for climate and sustainability objectives​

2020 May CEPA decides further reduce their emissions on their Study abroad programs involving University partners and students in their climate action strategy as part of the solution.​


2020 January, CEPA measures the main sources of greenhouse gas emissions of its office activities for the year 2019 ​

2020 February, Uli and Harald Leibrecht fly to Costa Rica to perceive Saimiri Foundation’s work and mission​

2020 February a CEPA Foundation Donates EUR 5.000 to SAIMIRI to have their project off the ground, participating in an environmental cause that contributes to biodiversity conservation and climate change mitigation.​

2020 March , A partnership is established between the two organizations for 1. Environmental oriented Service Learning and 2. offsetting carbon emissions not only by planting Monitoring and maintaining the trees but also helping to generate alternatives to illegal logging and the protection of biodiversity​

2020 April, CEPA is certified and receives a “Carbon Neutral Seal” for the promotion of its green strategy​2020 to 2024 The big Plan: 5 thousand trees planted in 4 years , from 13 different native species. The reforested areas will serve as forested corridors for wandering animals seeking for new habitats. The project will provide seasonal employment for the local inhabitants. Threatened animal species will have their habitat protected and restored like the central American squirrel monkey (Saimiri oerstedii), the Bairdii Tapis (Tapirus bairdii), as well as other important mammals. ​

2020 April – CEPA has 100 trees planted in the OSA to offset CEPA office emissions​

2020 April -With CEPA’s donation Saimiri was able to:​

buy building materials such as metal for bedding, sprinklers, roof, biodegradable bags, metal labelers, shovel, machete, rubber boots, etc. for improvement of the tree nursery (3 thousand trees capacity))​

Contract a local worker for collecting the seeds of the endangered trees, giving maintenance and planting them (1000 trees)​

Botanist curing the tree nursery (3 thousand trees)​

Geographic Information System (to locate each tree 1000 trees) ​