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Mariam Gejadze, West Virginia University

Mariam Gejadze Student Ambassador

ESC Strasbourg Ambassador

Travel and international exchange has always been part of my life. I am from the country of Georgia and I went to school there up until 8th grade. Then my family moved in New York. Until today, I manage to visit Georgia in order to spend some time with my family and friends there. I have always been interested and have gone out of my way in order to explore different cultures, languages, and tried pushing myself towards things that were unordinary. Something’s that were bigger than myself. Which is why I choosing my major International Studies. In high school I decided to learn Spanish for all 4 years, for some reason before entering college I had my mindset on learning French. Once I closed different levels of it, different study abroad opportunities came up. After attending few information sessions on behalf of ESC Strasbourg, I knew it was the most perfect and amazing opportunity I should not let go.