Hannah Rozei, Georgia State University

I am an undergraduate student at Georgia State University where I am majoring Political Science and minoring in Japanese. Although I have never taken French at the university level, I did study it for 3 years in high school, and have traveled to France numerous times in my life because my mother is a French teacher. It was actually my mother who discovered this wonderful study abroad opportunity and encouraged me to go, as she had visited Strasbourg once before and found it to be a beautiful city. This is an example of when you should listen to your mother because I am so thankful that I went! My four months in Strasbourg was one of the best experiences I have ever had and changed my life. I was able to meet so many wonderful people from around the world, make life long friends, have unique adventures and experience new cultures all while living in a chateau! I hope that someday I can return to the city that made such a positive impact on me.

Project Description