We assist you in making study abroad a reality.

The CEPA Foundation is dedicated to making study abroad possible to all students. Our semester and summer programs abroad are some of the most affordable available but we know that for many students, studying abroad is still only possible with financial assistance. This is why we provide $1,000 scholarships to students participating in a CEPA Foundation semester study abroad program.

Please note that qualifying applicants may apply for any of the scholarships, but will only be awarded
a maximum of one scholarship per semester
. Scholarships will be issued as a reduction to the program fee to off-set the educational expenses associated with the study abroad program, such as room and board.

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CEPA Foundation Scholarships & Grants

Semester Abroad Scholarship:

$1,000 scholarships are available each year to qualified students participating in any CEPA Foundation semester abroad program.

First-Generation Scholarship:

$1,000 scholarships are available each year to students, who are the first generation in their family studying at a university / college and participating in any CEPA Foundation semester abroad program.

Global ESC Heidelberg Scholarship:

$1,000 scholarships are available each year to qualified students participating in the semester abroad program at the European Study Center (ESC) in Heidelberg, Germany.


Host university/country scholarships:

Description & Eligibility
DAAD Germany   Graduating seniors, graduate students and recent graduates who have completed their Bachelor's degree. This scholarship is explicitly to support study abroad in Germany and at German universities.

Government or other financial aid sources:

Foundation Country Description & Eligibility
DiversityAbroad.com    ALL Scholarship search engine at:
Benjamin A. Gilman ALL The Gilman International Scholarship program is open to all US citizen undergraduates, in good academic standing. The applicant is studying abroad for at least 4 weeks in one country.
Phi Kappa Phi ALL Phi Kappa Phi Study Abroad Grants are designed to help support undergraduates as they seek knowledge and experience in their academic fields by studying abroad.


Eligibility Requirements for CEPA Foundation Scholarships:

  • Open to students from any nationality
  • Sophomore, Junior or Senior standing
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Some spoken and written proficiency in the language
    of the study abroad destination is preferred but not required

Qualifying applicants may apply for any of the scholarships, but will only be awarded a maximum of one scholarship per semester.

Scholarship Application and Process:

It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that the scholarship application is complete and accurate.
To be considered for a scholarship, please send the following documents to scholarships@cepa-foundation.org:

  • Completed Fall or Spring program application
  • Completed scholarship application form
  • Proof of a minimum 3.0 GPA (current unofficial transcript)
  • Signed and completed payment deferral request form
  • Resume
  • Personal essay - should answer the following questions in 400-500 words:
    • Describe how a personal experience or person in your life has motivated you
      to study abroad in a foreign country?
    • What are your expectations while abroad?
    • How do you think or hope your study abroad experience will affect your life
      once you return home?

Additional documents that may increase your chances of being selected for a scholarship:

  • Letter of recommendation from one of your professors
  • Proof of foreign language proficiency (according to the selected semester abroad program)


Spring Semester Program:     October 1
Fall Semester Program:  April 1

Scholarship application deadlines are evaluated independently of program application deadlines and are not influenced by individual program application deadline extensions.

Decision/Selection Process:

Applicants will be evaluated on the basis of both academic merit and financial need.

Notification of Awards:

Applicants will be notified of their acceptance or denial by email no later than 6-8 weeks after the application deadline.

For questions concerning the study abroad scholarships or application, please contact us at scholarships@cepa-foundation.org.


IMPORTANT: Students should discuss all financial aid and scholarship information with their campus financial aid and study abroad advisors, especially any tax implications and impact on other financial aid they might be receiving.

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